Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Our drummer, AJ, describes rehearsal as a fancy meal.  There is the appetizer, or as he calls it "pre-food" (Classy),  The main course, and dessert.  This is a great way to think about practice.  Start with something light; something that will give you a taste for the evening.  Then comes the work.  The main course is where you will spend most of your time, cutting the steak, chewing, cutting, chewing.  Once the main course is done, and you are stuffed, and you don't think you can take magically find room for dessert.  (You always do.)

If I had to list my musical meal, I would go with "Sweet Life" for an appetizer.  It's light, fun, not terribly challenging, and its a great warmup.

For the main course, I would say some covers like "Cherry Bomb" or "6th Avenue Heartache" and originals like "Everything's Different" and "Hear Me Tonight."  They are fun, but they also require effort.  Remember words, remember harmonies, remember all the chord changes.  The solos I get to play are tricky, and I like trying new things.

Dessert would have to be "Riders."  It is 100% rock and roll.  It is loud fast and a blast live.

Our rehearsals are fun, but productive, as anything should be.  We discuss future shows, any opportunities, new covers, new originals, tell jokes, make fun of each other, and at the end of the day the band is tighter than when we started.

Next: Booking shows.

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