Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One CD release down, one to go.

Saturday was our Louisville release show.  The fantastic Levee Bar and Grill was kind enough to host us once again for quite possibly our best show to date.  We fired up at 9.30, and didn't stop until damn near 11.  We stuck mostly to songs from our album, Cold Friday.  We threw in the covers we love playing, and the crowd was on our side the entire night.  We had so much fun we got back up and ripped through another hour of songs for the hell of it!

We can't thank our fans, friends, and family enough for supporting us the past 5 months as we have been putting this all together.

This Friday, Nov. 19th will be our Bloomington, IN CD release show at 902's.  We are very excited to bring our show to Bloomington with the full band, and 902's is the best venue we can think of to put that show on.  They have a great stage, lighting and sound setup, and it is an amazing venue for fans.  From the second floor balcony, feel free to stare down our low cut shirts, and from the main floor, feel free to stare up our short skirts.  The lovely and talented Kristy Brannon will be opening for us, so come and check out The Acquitted and Kristy Brannon for only $3.  For this show only, you can pick up Cold Friday for a cheap 7 bucks, so you'd be a fool not to buy three.

See you Friday night!

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