Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Message From Brian Johnson

Paste Magazine suspended publication today.  For those of you who don't know, Paste was a fine publication.  It introduced me to a lot of great music and supported tons of artists that I love.  It wasn't sarcastic or mean, and sometimes it could be a little too flattering of musicians that were being showcased; but it was a publication that loved music and it always upheld the notion that all culture was to be celebrated. 

It has always been a secret goal of mine to be featured in Paste and I suppose I won't get that chance now.  I think the internet is a great tool, but often times it lacks the editorial control needed for proper journalism.  A weekly or monthly periodical is considered too slow in this day and age, but too often things are posted on the internet without thinking and quality investigation. 

As a society obsessed with pop culture we must keep in mind Facebook and Twitter are tools of promotion and self indulgence, not real insight.  We must strive to keep alive the methods used to bring us quality, thought provoking articles.  I for one will find another periodical in line with my own tastes, although I doubt I will enjoy it as much as Paste Magazine.

I find it horrifying I must post these thoughts on a separate blog because it is too long.  Too long for the internet, and too long for most people's attention spans.


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