Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two weeks before a gig: Countdown

The Levee is our homebase, so it would seem.  We play there about once a month, and we always have a great crowd.  The bar is perfect for live music, though we jam ourselves onto the stage with no room to spare, we do our damnedest to give every ounce of energy to the audience.

Two weeks before a show Brian and I are rehearsing new covers and playing new originals back and forth.  We decide what to try with the band, what needs tuning, and what works well side by side.  The setlist starts to come together, and we get an idea of the flow.

Next comes the band practice this weekend.  We will work out arrangements on covers, decide if they are ready or whether they stew for a few more rehearsals.  Tighten up problem spots from previous shows (I try to record all of our performances, for just this reason).

The camera will be with us while we rehearse, so stay tuned for some footage.

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